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Alex Harvey

International Commercial Hot AIr Balloon Pilot

Hello, Welcome to my website 

My name is Alex and I am a Balloon Pilot from the South West of England. I have flown all over the world from the Italian mountains to the beautiful Canadian countryside. On this website I am documenting my travels and adventures flying the oldest form of manned aviation …..the Hot Air Balloon.

Flying has been my focus for many years. I love sharing my passion with others and helping people discover the wonders of flight.

Recent Adventures


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Passenger Testimonials

“Thank you for an amazing flight over the hills of Dorset! It was my first time flying in a Hot Air Balloon. The pilot Alex was very knowledgeable and helped reduce any concerns I had. Highly recommended.”
Matthew Kew
“What a great start to the day!! Watching the spectacular sunrise and flying in the morning glow. Had a fantastic flight over the area in which we have lived for many years, seeing it from a new perspective. We can't thank you enough for an incredible experience.”
David & Family
“Brilliant way to get everyone in the Village involved with a (Tethered) Hot Air Balloon ride in the grounds of the Hotel. It was lovely seeing how excited the children and residents were with something so out of the ordinary.”
Chettle Village Community

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