Sponsored Hot Air Balloons

Are you looking for a unique way to showcase your brand and get your  name out there?

Fully Sponsored Hot Air Balloon

We can offer to create a fully branded Hot Air Balloon which can be displayed at shows and events. It can also be flown over specific areas where you are hoping to target a specific audience, alongside being used to incentivise workers and customers alike with rides in your own company balloon! 


Hot Air Balloons are a type of advertisement which causes people to stop, stare and take photos. Compare that to any other form of advertisement, which does not have nearly the same impact. They can also last for many years, bringing smiles and wonder to generations.

I learnt to fly on this Balloon which was sponsored by Henry Hoover (Numatic International). She was built back in 1995 and was still flying 25 years later!
This very Colourful balloon has velcro on its panels so a banner can be added to it.

Sponsored Banner across the Hot Air Balloon Envelope

We can offer a less permenant advertising solution to have your branding on a Hot Air Balloon. We can add a banner across the Balloon’s envelope, which can be added for use at specific events or special flights where you wish your branding or sign to be displayed. 

This option allows you to see how effective balloon advertising can be without committing to a full balloon system. These banners are attached using velcro, so can easily be removed giving you full control of when and where your message is displayed.

Sponsored Banner on the Hot Air Balloon Basket

Hot Air Balloons have been using wicker baskets for passengers since the very early days back in the 1800s.

We can display a banner either attached to the side of the basket or hanging down, to be unveiled during flight. These can be attached and removed easily, so you can choose when and where you wish to display your message.

Did you know?

World's Most Photographed event?

There are an estimated 25 million pictures taken during the Albuquerque International Ballon Fiesta, making it the world’s most photographed event. There are almost a million visitors attending the event every year and there are plenty of other festivals taking place at different times all over the world.

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